Thursday, May 24, 2007

hey, whatta' ya' know.....

After over two hours of filler stuff, Jordin Sparks was crowned the new American Idol. Big shocker. Some of the high/lowlights:

*I enjoyed seeing Taylor Hicks performing "Heaven Knows" and the "A Day in the Life". Nice of AI to "allow" last year's winner on the show. "Heaven knows" they rarely mentioned him during the season.

*Kelly Clarkson's first song was a bit, uh, angry. But she did a great job on "Sgt. Peppers".

*Reuben Studdard sounded great on his duet with Jordin.

*Good to see Carrie Underwood recognized for her sales.

*Bette Midler lost a bunch of money last night. If her Vegas show is anything like her performance last night, people will decide to go see Louie Anderson down the street instead of her.

*And do we need to see Smokey Robinson and Gladys Knight on every AI finale? Isn't there anyone more contemporary they could get?

*The Golden Idols? Do us a favor and skip that next year. And please don't give us any updates on Simon the bush baby.

*I'd bet $20 that Steven Tyler called Joe Perry after the show and made fun of him for having to play guitar for Sanjaya.
So season six is over. I'd have to say that this was the most boring of all seasons so far. If not for Melinda Doolittle's talent and Sanjaya's hair, there just wasn't that much to it.....

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