Tuesday, May 08, 2007

softball update

Half-way through the season, and it's the tale of two teams. Meg's team has lost only two games, and Sara's team has won only two games. Different situations completely.

Meg's team has really come a long way. At the first of the season, I wasn't sure how well they'd do. But they've come together and turned into a good little team. Girls that at the first of the season were unsure of themselves are now gaining confidence with each game.

For Sara's team, this is their first year in fast pitch. It's a completely different game from slow pitch. Stealing, signs, passed balls, strategy. Some have figured it out, some are still trying to understand it, and others just nod their heads pretending to understand it. This has been a very big learning experience for both the players and the coaches.

Both the bride and the other coach's wife have the ER phone number for Williamson County Medical Center on speed dial 1 in case either of us coaches go into cardiac arrest during a game.....

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