Wednesday, May 30, 2007

cul de sac spirit.....

As Meg and I were getting ready to head out the door to softball practice last night, Sara burst through the door yelling, "Mom, Amanda's really hurt!" The look of panic on Sara's face made me dart out the door.

I got to the street and saw Amanda, Sara's best friend, lying on the curb at the median surrounded by several kids and an adult. My first thought was that she'd hit her head on the pavement. I saw her face and was relieved to see no blood. But the look on her face told me she was in extreme pain. Then I looked down at her left leg. You know how your knee cap is supposed to be on the front of your leg? Hers was about 90 degrees to the left.

After her parents got home they took her to the hospital. About half-way there Amanda's dad had to stop suddenly, and the motion caused her knee cap to pop back into place. The ER doctor said that everything appeared to be alright, but they're going to see an orthopedic doctor later this week to make sure.

The great thing about last night was the reaction of all the other kids on the street. Sara was obviously concerned, but so were the boys. As Amanda was lying on the street, with the bride behind her holding a pillow, three of the boys walked up with some flowers they'd picked for her. While Meg and I were at practice, the kids on the street made a banner and stood at the end of the street for over 2 hours waiting to welcome her home. When they did get home there were about 15-20 kids and adults hanging out in their driveway getting updates.

Who says neighbors don't act neighborly any more.....

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