Tuesday, March 03, 2009

a public service announcement from the ofit.....

Dear Residents of Counties South of Franklin Who Travel I-65 South During Evening Rush Hour,

See the sign on your right? It's called a "speed limit sign". Say
it with me - "speed limit sign". It has a big "seven" and a big "zero". When these two numbers are bunched up close together, as they are on this sign, they make up the number "seventy". Say that with me - "seventy". Perhaps you were confusing the number "seventy" with, oh I don't know, the numbers "fifty five" or "sixty". When you confuse numbers on the interstate, especially in the afternoons when individuals are anxious to get home and spend time with their loved ones, you cause traffic to move slowly and you create something called a "bottleneck". We try to avoid bottlenecks on the interstate. If you choose to drive 55 in an area marked 70, please refrain from using any lane other than the extreme right hand lane.

If you have any questions, please ask one of the many drivers who are shaking their fists in your general direction.....

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