Monday, March 16, 2009

how's this for originality.....

There are days when I can't come up with anything to post that's new and original. When this happens, I look for strange and weird stuff around the web.

Last week a family member who shall remain unnamed (coughMegcough) said that they didn't like my blog whenever I didn't write about some type of life event. Well, today's post will be original.

I received the following text Wednesday night from someone who will from this point forward be known as "the poo":

How about this for some blog material.........and this is a true story just minutes old. Meg laughed so hard at the dinner table that coke and white beans almost shot out of her nose. She is still blowing her nose and trying to recover.

Parents will do anything to make their children happy.....

PS - 14 years ago today, our baby was born. Happy birthday, Sara! We love you!

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