Friday, January 09, 2009

the one about constipation.....

Yesterday one of my employees had this very serious look on her face as she was on hold with one of our vendors. I went by and asked if she was constipated. The serious look left her face, and it was replaced with a look of disbelief. She got over it.

It made me think about a friend of mine from high school, Danny Brown. Danny passed away a few years ago, but he gave us all alot of good memories.

Every morning we had a group that sat at the same table in the commons area. We'd usually sit around and eat and talk. Chris and I had this thing where we'd always ask Danny if he was constipated. I don't know why. I could say it was because we were both 17 or 18 and it just seemed funny at the time, but to be honest with you it's still funny to me 27 years later (as proven in the first paragraph). One morning Chris and I were sitting at the table. We looked at each other, didn't say anything, then both looked at Danny, still not saying anything. Danny yelled, "I AIN'T CONSTIPATED!!!!!" No one could figure out why Danny would make such a declaration in front of about 400 people, but Chris and I enjoyed it.

When I emailed Chris to rekindle this warm memory, he reminded me about Danny and me both trying out for basketball our sophomore year in high school. Neither of us made the team. But I was fortunate enough to have made it through the tryouts without receiving the comment Coach Maddox made to Danny. One day during tryouts, we were scrimmaging. Danny was on defense and Coach Maddox yelled, "Brown, you couldn't guard a Christmas tree!"

Danny and I did end up making the lunch league team that year. We played enough to letter in the sport, but they didn't offer letters for non-sanctioned leagues.....

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