Wednesday, January 21, 2009

finally, a race with incentive.....

I've started running again. Nothing major, just a mile for now. I'm adding a little to it every time I go out.

I've always wondered about doing a 5k run. One of my employees is trying to convince me to run a half-marathon. I laughed in her face. She persisted. I
may have to fire her.

But here's a run I can get excited about - the Krispy Kreme Challenge. It's a total of 4 miles. You run 2 miles, eat a dozen Krispy Kremes, then run the other 2 miles. All in less than an hour.

Is there throwing up involved, you ask? Here's a quote from their web site:

Okay, we can’t technically stop you from throwing up, and quite frankly, that’s just part of the race, but don’t MAKE yourself throw up. The real challenge is to keep all 12 down, so don’t cheat yourself.

Wonder if I can be up to the challenge by February 7.....

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