Wednesday, January 14, 2009

looking for light.....

I was 10 years old when I first got glasses. My teacher noticed that I was having trouble seeing the chalk board, even after she moved me to the front of the class.

I didn't want glasses. I hated the thought. Only nerds wore glasses. But I had to get glasses.

Mom took me to Johnson City Eye Hospital and I had my eyes examined. I think I cried when the doctor confirmed that I needed glasses. (Shut up! I was 10!) I got some silver, metal frames. I actually needed some type of industrial strength frames, because they were in good shape for about 3 hours. When I got home that afternoon I tried to walk through the sliding screen door onto the patio and both bridges bent out at 45 degree angles. All of my glasses stayed bent because of sports-related occurances until I got contacts my senior year of high school. (Before getting contacts, I had glasses with plastic frames. Looking back on them, they made me look like what Elton John would look like if he was heterosexual.)

I've got an eye doctor appointment this afternoon, and I need to get both contacts and glasses this time. My current glasses have never been right. (That's what I get for going to a different doctor last time.) I'm looking for some very lightweight frames. I'm 44 now and I don't tend to walk through screen doors as much these days.....

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