Wednesday, November 12, 2008

in case you ever want to feel really dumb.....

As we were finishing dinner the other night, the bride told me that Sara needed me to go over her math homework. My entire body clinched. Algebra.

Math always came pretty easy to me, at least the basic stuff. And I liked it. Then algebra came along and the love affair ended.

So Sara brought her 50 problems to me. I asked for the book. She said that they don't have a book. Great, budget cuts prevent books in the classroom. She did, however, have a "rule sheet" for the different types of equations. There were about 6 problems that were, I guess you could call them, hybrids. They didn't fit into any of the rule boxes. I felt as helpless as Carl "Sling Blade" Childers trying to eat french fried taters without mustard. With no math book, we went to the Internet. After about 20 minutes, we found the rule and finished the problems.

Wonder if Sara would mind me going to math class with her so I could be better prepared to help her with homework.....

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