Friday, March 30, 2007

prom night.....

Prom dress - $xxx
Shoes and accessories - $xxx
Prom tickets - $xxx
Seeing the smile on your daughter's face as she models her prom dress - priceless

I remember my senior prom. I rented a tuxedo, got reservations for a big group of us at The Peerless in Johnson City, and we showed up at the prom. That was it.
It's different for girls. There are hair appointments that involve up-do's. I didn't know what an "up-do" was until last week. Sounds like some kind of wierd digestive tract problem to me, but it's actually a hair style. Then there's the nail salon appointment. And of course there's pictures at a couple of houses, so you have to plan for several minutes/couple of hours for that.
More prom pictures next week.....

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