Thursday, March 08, 2007

it's a soul thang.....

I've never had throngs of people lined up to see me do my job.

Not once have I had a person send me a letter or e-mail and say they couldn't wait for me to come to work and do my job.

And never has a person paid for a ticket that gives them access into my office to watch me do my work.

The bride and I are going to the Ryman Auditorium to see Taylor Hicks in concert tonight. I can't imagine having a job where people paid to see me do what I do for a couple of hours at a time. OK, that's not entirely true. Deep inside me lies the desire to be a performer. It's just the talent thing that keeps getting in the way.

Tonight we'll be spending the evening with Nashville's biggest Soul Patrol population since the AI tour last August. And once the show starts, we'll all realize that for the next couple of hours that we've come to the right place*.....

*Didn't get that song reference?
Click here, go to the "Jukebox", forward to "The Right Place" and listen.....

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