Tuesday, May 27, 2008

new milepost.....

26 years ago I thought having a high school graduation party was ridiculous. I figured that if I could graduate with a solid 'B' average without ever bringing home a book, anybody could do it. So why should you celebrate something anybody could do? (Well, that plus the fact that I had just started dating a really, really, really cute girl named Sabrina and didn't want to go to my own graduation party. But that's another story for another time.)

While celebrating Meg's graduation this weekend, I started looking at it in another light. It's not necessarily about the accomplishment, but rather the beginning of another chapter in life.

It made me think about the children of Israel after they crossed the Jordan river. God told Joshua to choose a man from each tribe to retrieve a stone from the middle of the river and bring it back to the shore. There they stacked the stones as a memorial, so that for generations to come they would remember how God had blessed them.

God has truly blessed Meg, I don't doubt that one bit. He's given her abilities that are unique to her and no one else. She's fulfilling her purpose in life every day and will keep on doing that for years to come. And she's stacking stones with all kinds of memories.

We made it through graduation weekend without any tears. Probably because our minds were on so many things - graduation, lunch with family, a dessert reception later that afternoon, etc. We figure those tears will come when we drop her off at MTSU later this fall.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.....

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