Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i had the place to myself.....

Last week I attended a conference in Chattanooga. We finished up early one day and I decided to see a movie. I drove out to Hamilton Place and decided to see "Baby Mama." It wasn't the best movie I'd ever seen but it did have some funny moments. Not awful, just good. Although Steve Martin's part was very good.

I got there at 4:20 and the movie was supposed to start at 4:25. Actually the previews started at 4:25 and the movie began at 4:45. But just before the previews began, I looked around and noticed that I was all alone. The projectionist even came down from his room on high and made sure there was someone really watching the movie. I think I scared him when he came around the corner and realized someone was sitting in the theater.

They showed a preview to the movie "The Stangers." Being in the theater by myself, I looked around to make sure there were no hooded people sitting behind me. (You think I'm kidding? Sit in a movie theater by yourself and watch that trailer. Then talk to me about it.) Thankfully, there were no hooded people.

So my advice on "Baby Mama" - unless you get the theater to yourself, wait for the DVD.....

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