Tuesday, October 28, 2008

yeah, that's where i am.....

I can't remember if it's a bank or an insurance company that has the ad showing people in different phases of their lives. There's a tag line that goes something like, "that's where i am". That ad's been on my mind alot lately. Here's where I am - eating anything and everything, regardless of the time of day, and exercising very little. That all adds up to a gut.

While shaving one day last week, I looked in the mirror and thought the bride had punked me by putting a carnival fun house mirror over the vanity. I did a double-take and realized there was nothing wrong with the mirror, but rather the pear-shaped person staring back at me.

So now I've got to get back to eating better and running. No Saturday morning gourmet pancakes. (Ghiradelli white chocolate and walnut this past Saturday. Almost too rich to eat, but I ate them anyway.) No more ice cream, potato chips, chex mix or graham crackers with peanut butter after dinner. Actually, none of that stuff at all for a while. No more being too tired to run at night.

Remember the movie "Airplane"? Lloyd Bridges' character, Steve McCroskey, had a line that he kept repeating, "Looks like I picked a bad week to quit drinking." Then he'd substitute "smoking", "sniffing glue", and "taking amphetamines" for "drinking" later on in the movie. As the holiday season approaches, with all of the great foods that come along with it, it looks like I picked a bad time to quit eating.....

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