Friday, October 24, 2008

two ways hgtv makes me realize i need a life.....

The bride and I watch HGTV every now and then. I didn't know just how much we watched it until a couple of things happened earlier this week. Here's how HGTV has shown me I need a life:

* A commercial came on this past weekend announcing that House Hunters International was going to be on every night this week at 9:00. People would be shopping for vacation homes in the tropics. I remembered it and said something like, "Oh, put it on HGTV!" around 9:00 the other night.

* You know you watch too much HGTV when you say something like, "Yeah, we've seen this one already. Remember? They're moving from Chicago to Portland." and you end up watching it again.

Yes, I'm boring.....

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