Wednesday, October 22, 2008

gotta' start working on my list.....

I can't remember who told me this (could have been Chris), but a few years ago when the lottery jackpot got past the $200 million mark, a radio station asked its listeners to call in and tell what they'd do if they won the money. Several said they'd quit their jobs, others said they'd help out family members. One man called and said he'd start working on his list. They inquired "What list is that?" The man replied, "The list of people I'm gonna' tell to kiss my butt!"

Well, looks like I'm going to have to start working on my list. A gentleman from South Africa sent me a lovely email yesterday. This will be the easiest $1,260,000 I've ever made. And don't try calling the number at the end of the email, I already have.....

I am the Payment Verification Committee Claims Manager here in the South Africa, there is an unclaimed fund (US$4.2M) an amount won by an international winner in the Club Lottery international program, after her first correspondence with my office, I have tried to contact her with her provided details to no success for the past months. The fund has been tag to be return to the treasury's account at the end of this year 2008 as unclaimed; I can use my power as the claims Manager to process this fund and have it transfer to you. the deal is this you will be entitled to 30% of the total fund while 70% will be for me I will secure all legal documentations required here in the South Africa to get the fund to you in your country, Please respond on receipt by email or phone call for further information.

Regards,Pumlata Cole ,Tel: +27 74 180 5109

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