Monday, October 06, 2008

2-3 and here come the dawgs.....

Well, UT beat Northern Illinois. Barely. The same kind of offensive effort won't work against Georgia next Saturday. I'm sort of glad I won't be able to watch the game since we'll be at Heritage Days in Rogersville. That doesn't mean I won't keep up with the score, though.

As for Vanderbilt - if they aren't for real, they sure are faking it awfully well. They're so much better coached than UT, that's for sure. I know alot of Auburn fans who are pretty unhappy. Some are so upset that they're saying UT's offense is better than Auburn's. In other words, they're so angry, they're desperate.

The Titans win uglier than any undefeated team in the NFL. But they are undefeated. The defense came through when they needed them. And Collins played mediocre to bad for 3 1/2 quarters, then turned it up a few notches for the win.

Back to the workweek.....

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