Thursday, August 14, 2008

some thoughts on the olympics.....

Opening Ceremonies - Incredible. So what if some of the stuff was computer generated for the television audience. We all liked it at our house. Especially Helena. As for the switcheroo of the little girl who sang the song being replaced by another "prettier" little girl? What do you expect? It's not like they lied about her age or anything. That would just be wrong.

Synchronized Diving - They're taking baseball away from the Olympics but this sport will remain? Please. It's not even a sport. True, the divers are sometimes remarkable individually. But don't do it together. It just looks dumb. And gay.

Women's Gymnastics - If the Chinese team has any 16-year-olds on it, I'm 24. And Shawn Johnson is this year's Mary Lou Retton.

Michael Phelps - The guy's amazing, dedicated, successful, and an eating machine. They talked about his normal breakfast the other night during the telecast, and it was more than I'd eat in a week. Of course, he does swim 5 hours a day. Bryan Mullen, reporter for the Tennessean, said if he was built like Phelps, he'd go Christmas shopping in that swimsuit.

Men's Basketball - No reason we shouldn't bring home the gold. No reason whatsoever.

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