Monday, August 25, 2008

just a 4-year sleepover.....

Friday was a long day. After dinner at Pei Wei, three of us drove back to Franklin and one drove back to her new apartment. There were sniffs and noses wiped in the dark van, the radio playing in the background. But not from me. No, I'm the strong one. I'm there to love and support, to be the rock. Tears from me would only make things worse, cause an imbalance.

Meg settled into her apartment with two of her three roomates on Friday. It took some time, as we moved in
box after box. The bride and one of the other moms scrubbed doors, walls and baseboards. We hung pictures, put things together, and stepped back from time to time to say things like, "This is really starting to come together."

Saturday we met at Dale's and Julie's for Liz's first birthday party. Meg came and told everyone about her new place. She smiled but I could tell something was wrong. She later told me that it had been a rough night. Meg's always been a home-body, so living away from home will be an adjustment for her.

We went back to Meg's aparment after the party to take a few more things, stuff that we'd either forgotten to bring the day before or realized she needed after we got there. Both sets of grandparents visited. And three of us left for home again.

Mom and Dad spent the night with us on Saturday. We ate and talked and spent time watching football and the Olympics. Sunday morning we had breakfast and later watched them head back to East Tennessee. I came back inside and closed the front door.

And it hit me. Things have changed. Yeah, I was the strong one on Friday night, saying things like "this is natural" or "this is a good thing" while comforting the bride and Sara. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, all these emotions came to the surface. I went into the bathroom to get ready for church. I looked at the bride and said, "I don't know where this is coming from." She smiled and hugged me and said something like, "See what I was talking about?"

So things have changed. But they're good changes, natural changes. And I couldn't be happier for Meg. Classes start this morning. She's ready for this new phase of her life. And even though the three of us in Franklin may be shedding a tear or two, we're ready for it too.....

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