Wednesday, April 02, 2008

secret stuff.....

A friend of mine took her elderly mother-in-law to the doctor last week. On the way back home, Gladys asked Donna to stop by an ATM so she could get some money.

They didn't see a drive-up ATM anywhere nearby, so Donna found a walk-up unit. Gladys didn't feel like getting out of the car, so she asked Donna if she minded getting the cash out for her. Before Donna got out of the car, the following conversation took place:

Gladys - "OK, I'm going to tell you my secret number, but you can't tell anyone, OK? If someone were to get ahold of this number, they could wipe my checking account out."

Donna - "I understand. What is it?"

Gladys - (in a hushed tone, after looking over her shoulder) "OK, here it is. One. long pause) Two. (another long pause) Three. (an even longer pause) Four. Can you remember that?"

Donna - "Yes, ma'am, I think I've got it."

Donna laughed all the way to the ATM.....

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