Tuesday, April 29, 2008

even i thought this was a little much.....

I know I'm getting older. I've got a daughter who's graduating from high school this year. People who have children that are about to go to college aren't that young any more. (Except for my lovely bride and any other women who might happen to be reading this. {cheesy grin}) I get it. But I got an email the other day that was pushing things just a bit.

For some reason I get all kinds of junk mail in my Juno account. I originally got the account for my ebay transactions, but over time it's become my most used account. Offers for blue pills, specials from Bath and Body Works, diet information. I usually see the subject line and delete them. But last Friday morning I saw the following subject line:


You can ask the bride - no one has EVER accused me of being mature. Turns out that's not the kind of 'mature' they were talking about. I'm 43 and I'm getting an invitation to hook up with someone my grandmother's age.

Curious as ever, I clicked on the button. It looked like an ad for an active retirement community. Even if I were 20-30 years older, I still don't think I would have seen anything that would have made me click past the first page.

If that's an avenue for older people to get together, good for them. But I do think they should put at least a few attractive people on the opening page of the site. Think about it - car dealers only show you the best looking cars in their advertisements. Maybe this "e-harmony-for-seniors" place will eventually learn from that.....

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