Tuesday, July 03, 2007

gotta' get me one of them thar' iphones.....

Dear Mr. Jobs,

Please allow this letter to serve as an order for 3 of your new iPhones. Our entire family has been marvelling at the commercials for this wonderful device and we simply can't wait any longer. You know what? Just make it 4 phones. Sara's 12 and it makes alot of sense to go ahead and spend another $600 for her first phone.

As for all those negative reviews that have surfaced over the first 72 hours since its release? Please. More people just need to watch the commercial and trust with blind faith that this is the greatest thing ever created.

By the way, great idea hooking up with AT&T for exclusive carrier rights! We hated the horrible service, the rude customer service reps and outrageous extra fees they charged us before, but surely that's all improved since we left them. And what's a few dropped calls? I'd rather have a cool phone and drop calls than to have an uncool phone (i.e. - Mr. Razr, 2006 is calling) and have clear reception.

I've heard that alot of people are complaining about the small hard drive space on the new iPhone. (I actually heard someone say they'd rather buy a 30 gig iPod Video and keep his current phone than to shell out $600 for the first iPhone. Can you believe the bass-ackward thinking of some people?) But I'm sure you'll come out with larger drives on the next release. What'll that be, like, 6 months from now? Then all of us who bought the first iPhones will gladly come back and pay for the new model, even if it costs $1,000. It's just money. And these days, if you don't have an excess of money, there must be something wrong with you. Am I right?

So let's total things up:

4 iPhones - $2,400
4 wireless plans - $320/month (that's 2 @ $60 a month for the bride and me, and 2 @ $100 per month for the girls - they'll need unlimited text messaging and 900 minutes instead of just 450)

Cancel 3 wireless plans - $525

Activation fees - $144

Grand total up front - $3,389

That may sound like alot of money, but when you consider it's less than Sara's braces it's really not that bad at all. Besides, there's a price to pay to stay on the cutting edge of technology. And kids need more of that and less money deposited into their college savings funds. Don't you agree? Plus, my lovely wife and I are always tripping over the stacks of cash we have lying all over the house. So while were updating our wireless service (and thereby making our lives more complete) we're actually cleaning our house. Two birds, meet one stone.

Less than sincerely,


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