Friday, July 20, 2007

drive-up etiquette....

Seems that something unusual happens to me every time I go to the Wendy's on White Bridge Road. First an old crazy lady sings to me. Then this.

I went through the drive-up, seeing as how there were only 2 cars in line. (Well, for that reason and the fact that I didn't feel like taking the chance of having an old crazy lady sing to me.) The lady in front of me placed her order then drove around to the window. I placed my order and drove in behind her. I sat and waited. And waited. I saw that the lady in front of me was talking to the guy at the window. Shaking her head. I could tell that something wasn't right because I'm ridiculously brilliant. (It's a gift.) So I rolled my window down to listen. Apparently the lady changed her mind from the time she placed her order to the time she drove forward 47 feet to the window. I remember seeing her original order on the screen and it was something like $15. I heard the lady say, "But I CHANGED MAH MIND! All I want now is FRAHS and a FRAW-STAY!!!!!" (For those of you not from the South, allow me to translate: "frahs and a fraw-stay" means "fries and a Frosty".)
For future reference, here's the correct sequence for placing an oder at a drive-up window: order, drive to window, pay, get your food, then leave. Once you lock in your order and drive around to pick it up, you're obligated to buy it. Period.

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