Tuesday, October 13, 2009

tommy boy moment.....

Remember the scene in Tommy Boy where Chris Farley and David Spade were in the car listening to the radio? They were singing along with the songs. Then The Carpenters' "Superstar" came on. They both looked at each other, called the song lame. The next scene you see, they're singing along and crying during the chorus.

I went for a run Saturday morning. It was cool, 52 degrees. The rain had stopped, but it was damp. I stepped out the door in shorts and a long sleeve Under Armour shirt and immediately thought about going back in for a jacket, but figured I'd be OK after I started running.

I had my iPod set to shuffle all 900+ songs. Songs played by Cage the Elephant, The Doobies, The Eagles, Elvis Costello, James Morrison, Al Wilson and others. Most of the songs I listened to all the way through, but some I skipped over. As I started the last mile, it came on - Barry Manilow's Could It Be Magic. Every now and then, when I'm shuffling the whole catalog, a song will come on that I don't really want to hear at the moment, so I'll press the forward button to the next song. But I couldn't do it this time. From song's opening of the piano solo, I was under some king of spell, unable to lift my arm to go to the next song.

But I didn't cry like Farley and Spade. No, seriously, I didn't.....

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