Monday, October 12, 2009

good saturday.....

I'm not sure who that was wearing the #8 jersey on Saturday. He looked like Jonathan Crompton, but he sure as heck didn't play like JC. If not for special teams, it would have been an almost-perfect game.

I don't like Georgia. I don't know why, I just don't. Beating Georgia the way they did was just great.

Meg's big sister came over for dinner Saturday night. The bride had made all the fixins for hot fudge cake. I couldn't wait. I stayed away from sweets all day long just so I could eat a big ol' piece with a glass of cold milk.

Sara was the first to finish her chili. She asked when we could eat the hot fudge cake. The bride went over to the stove and turned on the eye for the hot fudge sauce. Or at least she thought that's what she was turning on. Funny thing about stoves - if you turn on the wrong eye, the thing you think you're heating up doesn't get hot. Sara was anxious to eat, so she kept checking the sauce. All of a sudden, we heard a crack that sounded like a gun had gone off. Glass went everywhere. The cake pan, made of glass, was sitting on a now very hot stove eye. It scared Sara too death. Not only the sound, but also the thought that we wouldn't be having hot fudge cake for dessert.

So Meg, Sara and Whitney headed to Publix and bought the stuff to make more. I'm happy to say it was delicious.

It was a good Saturday.....

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