Thursday, September 03, 2009

ringtones and whispers.....

I was in a meeting yesterday morning. A meeting attended by professionals, or so it would seem. A regional director from a government agency was speaking.

The sound was muffled at first, so I didn't know if I actually heard something or if the rustling of the hair in my ears was creating a noise. Then it got louder. And louder. I finally heard it as plain as day - Calypso music. Someone's phone was going off. Please. Even if you forget to put your phone on vibrate during a meeting, at least have a generic ringtone.

I went from there to a funeral. Even in my advanced years, I was one of the youngest in attendance by at least 25-30 years. 40 years in some instances. I don't mind being around older people. They can be funny. Sometimes they mean to be funny, other times they just are. Such was the case with the man directly in front of me.

The gentleman hadn't made a peep the whole service. He leaned over towards his wife to whisper something to her. She leaned in. He said, "THIS PEW FEELS LIKE A KNIFE IN MY BACK!" I know he meant to whisper. It's just that as one gets older, their whispers tend to increase in volume dramatically.

Not many people smiled when this happened. Either they agreed with him or they couldn't hear what he said. I'm going with the latter.....

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