Thursday, April 02, 2009

had about all the quaint i can stand.....

I've always loved this place. Whenever I come to Gatlinburg, I always stay at the same place. They've had the same staff for 20+ years. They deliver homemade, hot doughnuts and fresh-squeezed orange juice to your room. It's old, it's rustic. It's quaint.

My problem? I'm writing this on my balcony. That's not all that bad. But it's the only place I can get a good wireless connection. Oh, they say they have wireless internet. But it's so weak, you have to be outside to get it.

I called the front desk. She told me to try it in different places around the room. The only place I can half-way get it in the room is if I'm over near the bathroom sink. Not the best place to have a computer. She also invited me to come try it out in the hotel lobby. I wanted to ask if she knew that defeated the point, but I didn't.

I'll just stay somewhere else next time.....

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